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The daily leasing rate applies to every day the vehicle is used, regardless if it is a travel day or an off day. There are no exceptions to this rule. The leasing contract will outline the payment schedule.

Coaches range in price from $275.00 per day up to $700.00 plus per day. The rates are seasonal. If pulling a trailer, an additional $25.00 per day will be added to the lease rate.

There is an EXTRA charge for all the following services:

Driver Rate: 
$185.00 per day every day of the lease. There are no exceptions. If the driver is agreeable to any extras, such as pulling a trailer, an additional charge of $20.00 per day will be charged for the driver.

The driver is always to receive a single hotel room on a daily basis.

Any drive of 450 miles or more is considered an OVERDRIVE. Overdrives are charged in 200 mile increments after the first 450 miles.

In addition, if any excessive wait time or intimidating weather and road conditions persist, an hourly rate of $50.00 for each single hour over 10 hours in succession, will be charged.

The Driver is to be paid in CASH every seven (7) days "In Advance," unless otherwise arranged before hand.


Deadhead is the travel time from the origination point of the coach to the tour's "Pick-Up" location, as well as, the travel time returning from the tour's "Drop-off" location tot he coach destination. Most tours have a "Deadhead" charge inclusive of the Driver's wages, fuel, and the coach lease rate. The deadhead charge for the coach lease prior to your tour will be included in your first payment, and the same on the drop-off return trip.


The lease includes $5,000,000.00 policy for occupants. Additional insurance is available upon request.

Incidental Charges:

Throughout the tour, the group will be responsible for specific routine maintenance charges performed by the driver or shop as follows...

Generator Service: Every 100 hours of use at $40.00 per 100 hours of use.

Exterior Coach Wash: A Coach wash is done at least once, unless there is severe weather, then possibly twice twice weekly. The cost is $50.00 for a 45 foot Coach.

Linens: Weekly if requested at $50.00 per service.

Main Engine/ Transmission Service: At the rate of $0.06 per mile.

Lubrication: $40.00 per service, unless inclement weather, then as needed.

Satellite-DSS Dish: All Coaches are equipped with in-motion Dishes.

Interior Cleaning and Sanitizing: A complete end of the tour carpet, upholstery, comforters, and all surface and trash removal cleaning will be done at the completion of each tour. 1-6 days at $200.00. 7 days or longer $350.00. ($500.00 for excessive smoking)

Fuel Costs: A cash float of $500.00 should be advanced to the driver "At the start of the tour!" to cover fuel and incidentals as needed. The float should be settled each week and documented with receipts. Final float receipts will be sent to the appropriate person whom you designate within ten (10) days of the last tour day.

Using A Coach as A Hotel:

If a group is living on the Coach: Every 15 days they must evacuate the coach for a specified amount of time, worked out in advance with the road manager, to allow Coast to Coach Coach to perform any needed maintenance and interior & exterior repairs. The group will arrange and provide any and all necessary "Transportation" and "Accommodations" for all of its members at this time and at "No Expense" to Coast to Coast Coach.  

Please feel free to call us anytime with any questions or further requests of information.

Thank You!
Coast to Coast Coach

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Service throughout the United States and Canada and all points in between!

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